The petty officers who perform an important role as an assistant of officers have a long history.

Firstly, the seamen close to sea climate were chosen to meet the needs of technical personnel for the ships. These seamen were trained and the ones who accomplished the training were chosen to be petty officers.

First Lord of the Admiralty Hasan Hüsnü Pasha issued a decree to found 'Gedikli Class (the term refers today's Petty Officer Class)' published in Ceride-i Bahriye Newspaper on February 5, 1890. Afterwards, Gedikli Class was officially established by the regulation of Naval Council published in Ceride-i Bahriye on April 3, 1890 and Article 21. The first 'Gedikli Class' started education and training on June 15, 1890 on Selimiye Ship. However, it was closed after a while due to the problems in changing branches.


After the Second Constitutional Monarchy, to reestablish a school for Petty Officers became a current issue. With this aim Engine Regular NCO branch was reestablihed with the publication of Engine Apprentice Regulations on December 30, 1915 and started training on the Tir-i Müjgan Ship. With Seamen apprentice regulations dated February 1915 Deck regular NCO school started training on the ship named Iclaliye ve and on the corvette named Muin-i Zafer


The Marine Service School based on Naval Radiotelegraph and Electric Science School established in 1944 and until 1946 the school was named as Naval School in Heybeliada. When Naval Education and Training Command was founded The Naval Science school was closed and the Service Schools were connected to this Command.

After that period, the developments and changes are,

In 1951, Deck Service School, the Quartermaster School, Engine, Electric, Electronics Service School Command established in Heybeliada.

Between 1951-1952 Deck Service Schools Command in Heybeliada moved to Yassıada after the buildings were constructed in 1952.

In 1953, Engine, Electric, Electronics Service School Command changed its name as Naval Engineering School Command and continued to train students in Heybeliada

Naval Engineering School was moved to Derince in 1963 and up to now the training of petty officers has been continuing in the same campus. (except the school temporarily moved to Altınova campus in the restoration of the buildings between 1999- 2000 after the eathquake of Gölcük)

The Deck Service School which educated and trained students in Yassıada moved to Gölcük under the control of Gölcük Training Center Command.

Between 1966-1976 Deck Service School Command that continued its activities under the control of Gölcük Training Center connected directly to the Naval Education and Training Command after the abolishment of Gölcük Training Center.

In 1979, with the establishment of Karamürsel Training Center in Karamürsel region, Deck Service School was moved to Karamürsel under the command of Captain Orhan Duraklar. With this relocation, Deck Service School Command was abolished and became an independent school command and was connected directly to the Karamürsel Training Center.

In 1985, two commands were established under the names of Deck Petty Officers Service School Command and Courses Command and they both gave separate education.

In 1997, Yalova became a province. Since Karamürsel Training Command is in the borders of this province the name changed to Karamürselbey Training Command Altınova.

Since the buildings of Naval Engineering Service School were damaged after the earthquake of Gölcük on August 17,1999, the school moved to Altınova campus on September 6,1999. After the restoration of the buildings the school moved back to Derince campus.


On September 1,2003, Deck Service School was abolished and Petty Officer Vocational School and Courses Command were established. However, between 2003-2004 Service School continued to give graduates for one more year under the command of Petty Officer Vocational School. At present, Petty Officer Vocational School Command is continuing to train and educate Petty Officer candidates in Altınova and Derince.Naval Petty Officer Vocational School continued to train and educate until 2020.Since this date as a result of combining Altınova and Derince campuses under a single roof, the education and training activities of the school continue in Altınova Campus.